Noor Al Moataz is the Founder of NM Design House, a Bahrain based luxury design firm. Noor’s passion for design is palpable in her work. After nine years of regional experience, Noor has developed a versatile style in her thoughtful approach to design. Working solo for the first half of this firm’s journey, Noor is intimately experienced with every step of the design process. From conception to completion her attention to detail is unwavering and the service provided is truly one borne of focused attention.

Noor believes timeless design is transformative and specializes in customization. Every project is unique and speaks to the lifestyle of her client. Authenticity is key to her projects and her refusal to duplicate is evident in the range NM Design House exhibits within its portfolio. 

Noor specializes in residential interiors and works with architects builders and her NM Design House team to collaborate and create everything from your perfect room to your dream home.



Jesslina is our strategic planner and solution expert who diligently keeps projects organized and running efficiently. In addition to flawless coordination skills, a proactive approach and 9+ years of experience in the field of Interior Design; Jesslina’s wheel house in project coordination has shown to be exceptional.

Ressourceful as ever, Jesslina developed a passion for fabrics and her commitment to high professional standards as well as industry knowledge has made her a fabric specialist. Jesslina is a key player to the NMDH team.


Project Engineer

Shetty, the master of engineering, brings profuse detailing to the team. In addition to his advanced skill set, his 7+ years of civil engineering experience compliments him to see the potential in a space and how to best use it so that it is not only beautiful to be in, but is functional as well. Shetty has the experience and passion in the combined fields of Civil Engineering, and Interior Design implementation. Shetty is a graduate from BTE University, with a BA of Civil Engineering.. 



Learning directly under Noor Al Moataz, Maryam is excited to explore and develop her own design style. Her love for interiors and design came at a young age. She is inspired by colors, textures, and vintage finds as well as mixing an old world aesthetic with modern, clean lines. Juxtaposition is everything! Her love for creating interesting and inviting spaces has also spilled over her path to study interior Design. Constantly bringing something new to the table, Maryam is a graduate of University of Bahrain, with a BA in Interior Design.